Negotiating participatory ethics in the midst of institutional ethics

Elwood, S. (2007) Negotiating participatory ethics in the midst of institutional ethics ACME 6 329–38

This paper is concerned with how participants can observe participatory ethics in research as well as institutional ethics and the dilemma that arises for researchers at the intersection of these two forms of ethics. Institutional ethics includes ethics that are designed by universities, professional associations and policy makers. The two are similar in that they share the same principle of protecting the wellbeing of the participants but beyond they are different. Institutional ethics assume that ethical problems can be identified before they occur and that they are universal. Participatory ethics on the hand assume that ethical problems are situational and arise from the relationships and the context of a particular research. The papers main argument is that it is important to engage with the structures of institutional ethics to push for more flexibility in rules, codes and procedures to accommodate a more diverse range of research topics and approaches.

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