Ethics of Community Based Participatory Research

“Ethics of Community Based Participatory Research.” Community Based Participatory Research. Accessed January 11, 2015.

Community-based Participatory Research: a method of research that seeks to involve the people at the community level in research.

This particular essay is part of a blog of a researcher who was doing research using the community-based participatory approach for her PhD work. This essay shows the ethical questions that arise when doing research involving members of the community as participants. One of the ethical challenges discussed here is the difficulty in reconciling the formal ethical standards for recruitment with the expectations of potential participants and research partners. The researcher explains the methods that they had to use to get into the community as outsiders; here there was a conflict between the formally approved processes and the relationship building processes to get the community interested in the project. The blog also includes the experiences of other researchers who have experienced certain ethical problems at one point during their research using the community-based participatory research.

Ethics: ethical problems encountered while using the community-based participatory research are discussed.

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