Journalist Security Guide

Committee to Protect Journalists. 2012. Journalist Security Guide. 

This guide is aimed for journalists who are covering news in a dangerous and changing world. It covers precautions and things that journalists need to do to take care of themselves and be effective in their work as they cover different kinds of news. The guide includes safety precautions, suggestions and recommendation for different kinds of journalists working in different regions in the world and reporting on different news items. It begins with a section covering basic preparedness for journalists either working locally or internationally. The next section covers how to assess and respond to risk such as threats, sexual violence or captive situations. For journalists working with technology, there is a section on how to be safe online, how to defend their data, and protect their communication online. For those reporting in war zones, this guide includes security training for them, the protective gear they need and how to use satellite technology in hostile environments. For those doing investigative reporting such as in organized crime, they need to know how to approach hostile subjects, access information and know warning signs that could mean trouble from the subjects. Security is also emphasized in terms of personal and family security. Finally the guide has a section that deals with stress and how journalists can take care of themselves.

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