Developing critically reflective practice

Thompson, N., & Pascal, J. (2012). Developing critically reflective practice. Reflective practice, 13(2), 311-325.

This paper reviews current dominant understandings of reflective practice before offering developments in the theory base to make it more theoretically refined in general and more sociologically informed. The foundations for a critically reflective practice can be achieved with the following approach: Incorporate issues of forethought or planning: reflection-for-practice; Take greater account of the central role of language, meaning and narrative as key elements in the process of meaning making; Go beyond individualism or ‘atomism’ to appreciate the significance of the wider social context; Take greater account of the emotional dimension of reflection; Incorporate a greater understanding of the important role of power; Be clear about the differences between reflection and reflexivity and understand the relationship between the two; Take account of time considerations, at both individual and organisational levels; and, crucially: Develop a critical approach that addresses the depth and breadth aspects of criticality and the interrelationships between the two.

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